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World History Unit 3 - Ancient River Valley Civilizations

This unit includes PowerPoints on each of the four River Valley Civilizations; Mesopotamia, Egypt, Indus and China. These cradles of civilization show the importance of the role of geography in the development and nature of these societies, since they arose around the same time period but are all very different from one another. There are also the unit tests given to Pre-AP and Academic level students.
Maps for River Valley Civilizations.ppt
Presentation 1 - Mesopotamia.ppt
Presentation 1 Handout - Mesopotamia.ppt
Presentation 2 - Egypt Slideshow.ppt
Presentation 2 - Egypt.ppt
Presentation 2 Handout - Egypt.ppt
Presentation 3 - Indus River Valley.ppt
Presentation 3 Handout - Indus.ppt
Presentation 4 - Ancient China.ppt
Presentation 4 Handout - China.ppt
Presentation 5 - River Valley Civilizations Comparison Chart.ppt
Presentation 6 - Ancient World Players Chart.ppt
Presentation 6 - Ancient World Players Crossword.ppt
The Bangles - Walk like an a egyptian.mp3
Traders or Invaders Chart (Academic Version).ppt
Traders or Invaders Chart (Pre AP Version).ppt
Unit 3 - Jeopardy Questions .doc
Unit 3 Test Review Chart - River Valley Civilizations.ppt

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